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Cyprus and Jordan Forces

The two men had a tête-à-tête meeting on Wednesday afternoon, at the Prime Minister’s office, in Amman, and were joined later for expanded talks by the delegations of the two countries.
Speaking after the meeting, both sides said that Cyprus and Jordan are joining forces in finding ways to bring stability to their region.
President Anastasiades also noted that a new trilateral cooperation scheme was being built to include Jordan, along with Cyprus and Greece, that could eventually span over the region to cover all neighbouring countries.
Regarding the Cyprus issue and the Middle East peace process, the President of Cyprus said that “we are on the same line” with Amman.
On a political level, the positions of Jordan and Cyprus are not any different, said the Jordanian Premier, noting that “we have almost full agreement in all domains”.
He said that he discussed with President Anastasiades regional issues, the problem of Syria and Palestine and terrorism. They also spoke on the potential for cooperation in areas such as tourism and energy, given Cyprus’ hydrocarbon discoveries.
Referring to the refugees who seek shelter in his country, Premier Nsour described the situation in dramatic tones, noting that Jordan is accommodating 14-fold numbers compared to those Europe is discussing to accommodate.
“How many more can we accommodate, how far can we go” he asked and said that the people of Jordan are no beggars, but there is a limit in their ability to absorb more refugees.
He added that President Anastasiades is very well placed to understand the situation in the Middle East and expressed hope that the important role Jordan is playing for the region’s stability will be appreciated “with the efforts of our friends”.
From his part, the President of Cyprus said that during his meetings on Wednesday with the King and the Prime Minister of Jordan, they reiterated their joint desire “to further advance our mutual beneficial partnership”, while identifying new ways to deepen cooperation, at a bilateral and regional level.
“Jordan and Cyprus share long-standing traditional bonds of friendship that have steadily grown through time” he added and noted that the upcoming opening of the Jordanian Embassy in Nicosia, within 2016, signals a new chapter in bilateral relations.
The President also said that they discussed tourism and energy. He announced that the respective Ministers will intensify their dialogue, examining, among other issues, the prospect of creating a joint tourist destination package for distant markets in Asia and the US.
On energy, President Anastasiades said they shared the view that the recent discovery of the Zohr field, off Egypt’s shores, has opened up new opportunities, in parallel with Cyprus’ offshore discoveries.
“We agreed that, in line with the MoU on Cooperation on Energy Issues signed in Amman in September 2014, we stand ready to initiate relevant technical consultations that might identify economically viable solutions for exporting natural gas to Jordan” he said.
Concluding his remarks, the President said that Cyprus is an honest and sincere friend of Jordan within the EU.
Responding to a question on Cyprus’ role as an energy bridge in the region, the President said that energy could become part of the incentives for peace, not a reason to heighten tension.
He added that Cyprus can play this role in the region, noting that more synergies were necessary.
Towards this end, he said, Cyprus is building a trilateral cooperation with Greece and Egypt, another one with Israel and now “we are building a new trilateral relationship between Jordan, Cyprus, Greece”.
He said finally that in order to live in prosperity, one needs first and above all to achieve peace and stability.

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